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LED Street Lights

LED Street Lights
LED Street Lights
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Surya Marketing Corporation - We are also Engaged in manufacturing a quality proven range of Led street lights, Led Lights , Led Home Light, Led Street Lights, Led Flood Lights, Led Focus Lights, LED Backlight, Led street lights which is manufactured under the close supervision of our diligent professionals. These light are widely acclaimed for long functioning and durability.

Benefits of using LED technology     

  • More power to light instead of power to heat
  • Reduced power consumption up to 70%
  • No light pollution. Direct coherent light source with a high contrast at lower levels and zero light overspill.
  • Pure light. Excellent visual acuity. Ideal for CCTV covered areas.
  • Long life span, more than 10 years. Eliminates maintenance cost on bulb or CFL replacements.
  • Impact resistant casing. Reduces the effects of vandalism.
  • Proven technology in a cost effective package.
Designed to be used for interiors     
  • Office lighting
  • Display lights in shops and malls
  • Lights for class rooms
  • Lights for warehouses and workshop
Designed to be used for exteriors     
  • Street lighting
  • Car park lighting
  • Children's play areas.
  • Street furniture including bollards and road signs
  • Flood light fittings including architectures lighting
  • Walkways & footpaths
  • Public shelters and bus shelters
With Solar Panels     
  • Useful to provide lighting where no main supply exists, like remote park areas and perimeters
  • Less installation cost when using solar powered solutions
  • Self contained units that require minimal maintenance
  • Up to 12 hours light from the standard batteries, with capacity for additional power stortage where required.

LED Street Lights - Advantages of Having LED Street Lights

Outdoor lighting has become quite a trend and there's no wondering why since it's a form of security, guides our way through the darkness and is just absolutely convenient. It actually isn't eco-friendly, these outdoor lights and we're always looking for solutions to overcome problems regarding the environment but never can we find ones that can make a difference. Well, here's a suggestion, swap your regular street ones for LED street lights.

There are many reasons why this method of illumination is a great option. For starters, they're super environmentally friendly because they consume so little energy; it's quite amazing how it manages to operate. It's also free from hazardous chemicals such as mercury and lead. The bulbs aren't made with filaments like regular ones but instead they're based with diodes which reduce the toxins released into the air and carbon footprints are lessened as well. These diodes are specially used because they help boost the resistance of the bulbs giving them a higher rate of durability compared to your regular home bulbs, giving them a much longer lifespan as well.

LED street lights are also much brighter if you were to compare them to the ones you've got in your home now. They've got a higher light uniformity and a high color temperature. It would have been impossible to think that you could get better light quality from something that barely consumes energy at all, right? Well, this one does wonders for you. With such bright lights, you don't have to buy many to light up your yard or street and you would have better sight after dark as well. It's especially perfect if you're afraid of crime in your neighborhood.

In addition, LED street lights are also very directional since they produce and outcome that is even and provides has got unchanging brightness as opposed to other any other street lights used today. In example, the commonly used light which is the High Pressure Sodium street lamps require quite a lot of light to achieve brightness that is as good as the ones you can get from the LED ones. When you use HPS lights, its basic requirement is a greater input for good output of light and it would use a large amount of energy as well. This goes to show just how good LED lights are since they can provide the best illumination quality with so little input.

What's more, when you invest in these lights you would actually be making one of the best decisions you've ever made, money wise. Most people wouldn't look into this because they cost more than any other, but in a long term, this is the more cost effective idea and you'd be able to notice a great difference in your budgeting once you've made the switch. You save on bills; cost of changing bulbs and you'd also be saving a lot of time as well. so think about it and you'll see why this is an investment rather than a purchase. LED street lights